Spotlight (see Gihub repository) is an open source application – a plugin to Blacklight – that allows librarians, curators, and content experts to showcase and contextualize digital collections using self-service workflows. The Spotlight Community is comprised of an ecosystem of IT service managers, software developers, user experience designers, collection managers and more. To foster greater community collaboration and leverage our collective expertise, this wiki is intended as a key venue to share information cross-institutionally. This space will initially have a service management focus, but it is intended to grow organically and change over time to support the needs of the community.  

What's New?

Find out about the most recent demo or new information your colleagues have shared with the community!  

Institutional Spotlight Sites

Links to institutional sites with information about each installation including service and development contacts, date installed, and more

Service Documentation

A place for institutions to share both internal and external documentation for their Spotlight installation. Service team charters, best practices, policies and more


Links to conference presentations and published papers about Spotlight


Community meeting notes, discussions, and surveys

Developer Resources

Links to github and more, for developers, product owners, and service staff

Spotlight Calendar

Coming in early 2024: Spotlight on Spotlight Summit - stay tuned for an announcement before the 2023 holiday break in December

Next Spotlight Service Community call: TBD

Running agenda

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