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Membership in the Fedora Leadership Group normally requires an annual DuraSpace membership contribution of $20,000 allocated to the Fedora project. However, it is also possible to become a member of the Leadership Group by contributing in-kind effort to the project at approved levels, including a combination of financial and in-kind contributions. While it is impossible to quantify the required effort in absolute terms, the following guidelines will be used to evaluate in-kind contributions on a case-by-case basis.


Financial Contribution

In-kind Contribution - examples

Platinum ($20,000)


Gold ($10,000)

  • Regular participation on weekly tech calls and mailing lists
  • Review of code patches

Silver ($5,000)

The above plus:

  • Participation in Fedora working groups
  • Regularly addressing small Jira tickets

Bronze ($2,500)

The above plus:

  • Release manager
  • Regularly addressing significant bugs and enhancements


The above plus:

  • Self-directed development of community-valued features


The following steps outline the process for institutional representatives to join the Leadership Group based on a combination of financial and in-kind contributions:

  1. The Fedora Steering Group will discuss and assess the institutional contributions of the potential new group member based on the above criteria
  2. The Fedora Steering Group will vote to proceed with a proposal to the Fedora Leadership Group
  3. The Fedora Leadership Group will vote on the proposal to invite the institutional representative to the Leadership Group 
  4. If the proposal passes, an appropriate institutional representative will be invited to join the Fedora Leadership Group
  5. Group membership will be reviewed on an annual basis based on the same criteria of financial and in-kind contributions
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