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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:




  1. Review of versioning draft, with an eye towards clarification and consensus

  2. Next steps

    1. Review of incorporated feedback from this meeting

    2. Moving to GitHub and ReSpec?


  1. There seems to be consensus that the purpose of this effort is to provide an implementation of the Memento protocol in Fedora. Whether there would be some future extension of Memento remains an open question. Discussions are ongoing.
  2. Open issue: Whether a "versions container" is the main locus of versioning activity or whether version creation is better understood as an action against the resource being versioned itself. See section 7 of the draft.
    1. One option is to leave the interaction model open in the specification, and instead merely make the demand that a particular implementation of the spec be explicit about the model(s) being employed.
    2. No explicit objections were raised to this approach. Three possible interaction models (there could be others) under this approach might be: 
      1. Model 1: POST some change to a resource; server creates a new version resource in the versions container.
      2. Model 2: read-only versions container; POST with empty body creates a server-managed resource in that container.
      3. Model 3: provide a earlier version of a resource in the body of a request via PUT or POST.
    3. Discoverability would be facilitated by the presence of the TimeMap (which serves to indicate the possibility of versioning even when only one version is available).  Depending on the interaction model, it seems attractive to advertise versioning at the point where it would take place (whether the versions container or the resource itself).
    4. The Memento-Datetime request header should be used to request creation of a version from a particular date in the past.  There was some discussion of the mechanics of implementing this model.
  3. Proposed use of ReSpec together with Github to manage the draft document going forward. Presumption is that the document would eventually be published in an accessible location.
  4. Next steps:
    1. Benjamin Armintor and A. Soroka will incorporate the comments into the Google Doc.
    2. Further discussions should go to the Fedora-Tech or Fedora-Community lists.
    3. Follow up with LDP-Next, Marmotta. (tamsin johnson, Benjamin Armintor)
    4. Follow up with Memento (Rob Sanderson) 
    5. A. Soroka will work with Andrew Woods to find space for the spec in Github.