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This page provides an overview of subscription information for the DuraCloud service provided by DuraSpace.  You can also review full documentation for DuraCloud, watch video overviews, or sign up to try it yourself by creating a trial account. Pricing information is readily available, and you can use our form to request additional information or a custom quote


What is DuraCloud?

DuraCloud is an open source, hosted service from DuraSpace that makes it easy to control where and how your organization preserves content in the cloud. DuraCloud enables your institution to store content with expert cloud storage providers while adding lightweight features that enable digital preservation, data access, and data sharing.

DuraCloud is designed to meet the needs of cultural heritage institutions, with features including:

  • Storage and replication of content across multiple providers via a desktop tool, REST API, command line, or through a web-accessible interface
  • Bit integrity health reports on all content at least twice per year
  • Multiple content transfer interfaces, with options for both novice and technical staff
  • Predictable annual billing and the option to add additional storage at any time
  • Flexibility to combine private storage, public access, and dark archive options 
  • Integrations to support repository backup, archival file storage, and website archiving
  • Optional administrative access controls

Storage Providers

DuraCloud provides one-click preservation backup to one or more expert cloud storage providers. The following storage provider combinations are available:

  • Amazon S3 only (Preservation and Enterprise subscriptions) 
  • Amazon S3 with automatic backup to Amazon Glacier (Preservation Plus and Enterprise Plus subscriptions) 
  • Chronopolis TRAC-certified, geographically distributed dark archive storage (DuraCloud Enterprise Chronopolis subscription)

Selecting a Subscription 

To determine which DuraCloud subscription is right for your organization, you'll need to decide the following:

  1. How many TB of storage will you require for your content? DuraCloud storage is provided in TB increments. If you need more storage than your initial subscription, additional TB can be added at any time and the cost will be prorated for the number of months left in the subscription year. DuraCloud has special pricing available for 20+ TB subscriptions.
  2. Do you need a dark archive solution? The Duracloud Enterprise Chronopolis subscription provides geographically distributed preservation storage in a TRAC-certified dark archive system, and is the most affordable option for content that needs to be preserved but not accessed for a period of time. This is a great option for preservation masters or for materials that will not be described or made accessible for several years.
  3. Do you want to store your content with one provider (Amazon S3), or to also back up your content to Amazon Glacier? This decision may depend on your institution's preservation policies. If you are keeping two copies in locally managed systems and DuraCloud is tertiary storage, then Amazon S3 may be sufficient. However, if you keep only one local copy, we recommend a subscription that includes a backup to another provider.  Backing up to Glacier also allows DuraCloud to replace any items which are found to be missing or corrupt in Amazon S3.
  4. Will you need access to administrative features? Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, and DuraCloud Enterprise Chronopolis subscriptions include administrative features. Subscriptions of 20+ TB have an optional add-on for administrative features. Administrators can create and delete spaces, create groups of users, and implement access controls at the space level. With these controls you can provide a variety of individuals, departments, research groups, etc. access to a single DuraCloud account. 

Please see the DuraCloud pricing page for more details about the subscriptions listed below:

Preservation: 5 or fewer TB of storage, one provider, no administrative controls

Preservation Plus: 5 or fewer TB of storage, backup to a second provider, no administrative controls

Enterprise: Up to 19 TB of storage, one provider, includes administrative controls

Enterprise Plus: Up to 19 TB of storage, backup to a second provider, includes administrative controls

Duracloud Enterprise Chronopolis: Dark archive solution with three geographically-distributed copies, includes administrative controls and up to 19 TB of storage

Subscriptions of 20+ TB

Subscriptions of 20+ TB have special pricing that pass along storage savings. These subscriptions consist of a per-TB fee for storage, a per-TB fee for processing, a support fee, and optional add-ons for administrative features and additional support hours. See our 20+ TB pricing sheet (PDF) for details and contact us for a custom quote.

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