SynSICRIS is an extension from DSpace-CRIS that helps for planning and monitoring of researchs' contributions to societal impact. 

Objectives of the monitoring tool:

  • Foster societal impact orientation from planning to beyond project completion
  • Reduces documentation effort through synergies: Replaces parts of applications and reports for research funding
  • Support multiple use of data for evaluation, transfer and research funding processes

The data-model of the monitoring-tool is based on a set of criteria that can be used to assess the potential societal impact of projects. This allows for a timely and fair assessment (which would not be possible with impact measurement). Thus the criteria-set and the monitoring-tool is theoretically backed by approaches, that focus on increasing the impact-potential (like productive interactions, responsible research and innovation, transdisciplinary research, open science, knowledge and technology transfer, innovation studies, sustainability assessment, etc.).

The new features of the SynSICRIS-Monitoring-Tool connects project planning via an impact pathway and a workingplan-bar-chart with a monitoring approach. It can be used during the whole project livetime: Via versioning of a project, snapshoots of the different stages are available and can be compared. The data can be filtered and displayed in graphs for individual projects, as well as in a cross-project search environment.

Scope of use and adaptation:

  • Specifically tailored for German federal research funding– with an approach that is as generalistic as possible to allow broader use for example in research institutions, for evaluation services or transfer offices
  • Developed in the field of agriculture, food, environment and sustainability – transferability to other thematic areas is expected
  • The tool is completly bilingual in German and English. Soleley the externam help pages are currently only available in German. In general DSpace-CRIS 7 supports the addition of other languages through its separate language layer architecture.

Further Information

 SynSICRIS homepage

 Publications Videos & Presentations

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