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The Claim Publication feature is based on the following components

  1. listener to subscribe automatically the user to the daily changes notification

  2. batch script to fix pre-existent Researcher profile and subscribe it to the daily notification

  3. enhanced script to bind Researcher Profile to the publication: now it is possible enable send notification when possible matches founded (to run as a weekly cron)

  4. functionality to approve/reject possibile matches (visible only to user that is a member of "self-claim-publication" special group).

  5. functionality to claim publication from the item splash page

The workflow should be:

  • with daily subscription, point (1), the system should be alert the Researcher with an email that there are some activities related her Researcher Profile page from other user in the system (e.g. the user has been selected as an author of a publication)

  • with the new development at point (3) and at point (4), the user can confirm the possible matches

  • the point (5) will be usefull to improve authorship on publications retrospectively

Prerequisite: disabled on cris.cfg the import from the submission and enable the claim

Example: the librarian insert an author with or without authority. The batch script called ScriptBindItemToRP will propose the matches found automatically to the user. The user will go to the accept/reject user interface to approve or reject the match.

(1)(2) Plugin to automatically subscribe to the daily notification

(3) notify the Researcher when possible matches found

(4) approve/reject matches

  • if the user is member of "self-claim-publication" special group, then her Researcher Page will show a link to go in the web page to accept/reject matches.

(5) claim publication

  1. for each authority enabled metadata the system will show a button to claim publication in the item details page
  2. Clicking on the “Claim Publication (<label>)”  button:
  3. the super users approvals consist in: A) from the Edit Item administrative section will be confirm authority; B) deleting the local.message.claim special metadata and setup the metadata with the requested authority (e.g. with confidence to ACCEPT level (600)
  4. if there is a waiting for approval request claim the button on the item details page will be “Pending Approval (<label>)” (the system looks for local.message.claim metadata)
  5. If the authority related to the current user is already configured then the system show the “UnClaim Publication (<label>)” button. The "unclaim" action will send an email to the user and in cc to all members of Administrator groups or to all members of the "notify-self-claim-publication" special groups, follow the email template:

The action on “Claim Publication (<label>)” and “Pending Approval (<label>)” take the user on the webpage of the functionality. The “Claim Publication (<label>)” will show the webpage with the dropdown field and the note field. The “Pending Approval (<label>)” will show the webpage in a "locked" mode with a warning. The “UnClaim Publication (<label>)” immediately remove in any case authority and confidence.

Some screnshoots:

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