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Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

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Test Areas

Web UI

  • Accuracy and completeness of online help

    Admin UI

  • Create new community
  • Create new sub-community
  • Create new collection
  • Create new e-people, groups
  • Edit items
  • Withdraw and reinstate items
  • Expunge items
  • Edit metadata registry (new DC fields, new schemas)
  • Edit bitstream format registry
  • Abort a workflow via admin UI
  • Authorisation (see Authorisation below)
  • Edit news on front page
  • Supervisors
  • Statistics (see statistics below)

    Miscellaneous UI

  • Configure metadata fields to appear in simple item display
  • Default (`webui.itemdisplay.default = ...`
  • Per-collection (` = ...` and ` = ...`
  • HTML documents (see also: Submission UI)
  • RSS Feeds
  • Translations
  • My DSpace
  • View subscriptions (see also E-mail below)
  • View accepted submissions
  • Edit profile
  • OpenURL links

    Submission UI

  • Creative commons licences
  • Switched on and off
  • Try using HTTP proxy via ``
  • Single file
  • Multiple files
  • Upload HTML document (multiple files with primary bitstream)
  • Configure `input-forms.xml`
  • Recognised formats
  • Unrecognised format
  • Checksum verification
  • Licences (site default, per-collection)

    Submisson workflow

  • Collections with no workflow steps, or a combination
  • For each workflow step, test editing metadata
  • Test accept and reject
  • Controlled vocabulary


    under UI for now, since it's the only place it's currently used
  • Log in with simple username/password
  • Register a new account
  • Forgot password (see also: E-mail)
  • LDAP server
  • Shibboleth
  • X509 certificate
  • Logging out

    Search and browse

  • Configure columns in item lists (search results etc) using `webui.itemlist.columns` in `dspace.cfg`
  • Browse communities and collections
  • Growse titles, authors, subjects, by date
  • With scope 'All of DSpace', in a community, in a sub-community, in a collection
    Configure date, author, title, subject by using `webui.browse.index.` properties in `dspace.cfg`
  • Try configuring a different analyzer (e.g. for Chinese)
  • Basic and advanced search
    Configure search fields (`search.index.` in `dspace.cfg`)

    Other functionality


  • Validate using epository Explorer
  • Extract METS, DIDL; ensure valid XML

    Batch import/export

  • Test import and export

    Media Filters

  • Thumbnail generation
  • Full-text extraction and indexing
  • Configure to support different bitstream formats


  • Configure an SMTP server that needs authentication, try sending mail (e.g. 'forgot password' mail)
  • Send feedback using link in footer
  • Get error alerts
  • Test subscriptions (`subs-daily`)

    Statistical reports


    Checksum checker


    Installation, Updating, Deployment

  • Test fresh install
  • Test update from 1.3.2 with existing data + configuration
  • Update customised/modified DSpace, find 'gotchas'
  • See also Handle Server

    Under the bonnet/hood

    Database platforms

  • Test fresh install, 1.3.2 -> 1.4 upgrade
  • On PostgreSQL
  • On Oracle (version numbers?)

    Bitstream storage

  • Multiple asset stores

    Handle Server

  • Install/update and test a 'live' Handle Server (connect to global)


  • Default permissions (on submission)
  • Remove read access, check access not possible (on bitstreams)
  • Check unauthorised users cannot access admin UI, edit community/collection/item screens, submit

    Content API


    Packagers, crosswalks

  • Need feedback on API