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Reported Scalability Issues encountered with any DSpace 1.6.x versions

If you've encountered some scalability issues with DSpace 1.6.x, we'd like to hear more about them so that we can work to resolve them. As DSpace Software is built/maintained entirely by a volunteer Committer team, we occasionally need to rely on our large user community to help us track down issues that our individual committers may not yet be seeing in their local DSpace installations.

Please Use the below Template to Report Your Issues

Please copy the below template for your institution, and add your filled out version to the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can report these issues to the dspace-tech mailing list, again using the below template.

General template to report scalability issues:

  1. Contact Info
    1. Name / Institution / Contact info (optional)
  2. DSpace Setup and Configuration details
    1. What DSpace version are you using? What UI(s) are you encountering performance problems with? How large is your DSpace instance (e.g. a general estimate of the number of Items, Communities/Collections)?
    2. What Postgres/Oracle version are you using?
    3. What Tomcat version are you using? Are you running Tomcat standalone, or are your using something like "mod_jk" or "mod_proxy" to run Tomcat behind an Apache Web Server?
    4. Is everything running on one server (DSpace/Tomcat/Posgres/etc)? Could you share some of the specs of your server(s) with us (Type of server, Memory, CPU info, Operating System,etc)?
    5. How much memory are you making available to Tomcat/Java? E.g. what are your JAVA_OPTS or CATALINA_OPTS settings (or similar)?
  3. Performance / Scalability Issues noticed
    1. What problems have you noticed? How frequently? Are you able to consistently replicate this issue? Are there any errors appearing in your DSpace/Tomcat/Postgres log files?
    2. Is there any other testing you've performed that you can detail to us? What tools have you used and what have you found? This may help us try to replicate the issues you are seeing.
    3. Have you been able to find any full or partial resolutions to your issues? If so, do you have a patch or configuration fix that you can share with us (or any other hints/tips)?
    4. Any other information to report to us that seems related?
  4. Volunteer To Help?
    1. Would you be willing to volunteer some time to work on a fix with other developers (perhaps even in an "interest group" of sorts)? Is there any particular interest or expertise you'd like to offer in helping us to resolve these issues? If so, please give us a way to contact you (email preferable), and let us know about your interests.

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