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  • http://web-address-to-my-dspace/dspace-admin (Requires Administrator Login)


  1. Login as a DSpace Administrator and visit the DSpace Administration user interface (http://web-address-to-my-dspace/dspace-admin)
  2. Click on the "Metadata Registry" in order to see all current metadata schemas within DSpace. Then, click on the namespace of the schema you wish to move a metadata field from.
  3. At the bottom of the page, you will find the Move Field form. Using this form you can select one or more fields (in the current schema), and select the schema you wish to move those fields to. Once you have selected the field(s) and the schema to move them to, click "Move".
  4. The selected metadata fields are now moved to the selected schema. Since you moved these fields, you may need to update how they are being used in DSpace. For example, you can now make these fields searchable (see Modify search fields), add these fields to the submission forms (see Alter submission input forms), and/or display these fields in the item display (see Change displayed item metadata).


  • Moving a metadata field will also remove it from its existing metadata schema. However, any items which previously used this metadata field will be updated automatically (i.e. no existing metadata should be lost).