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Manakin Working Group Charter

Mission Statement

Develop a modular and extensible XML-based interface for DSpace to separate the business and presentation layers.


The goal of this Working Group is to complete the design, implementation, testing, and documentation of the DSpace XML UI Manakin interface.
The interface should use Themes and Aspects to provide a modular and extensible interface to DSpace as described in the draft Manakin design document . In support of Themes and Aspects both the Wing component framework and the overall Cocoon framework should be used. These components should be designed and implemented for use by the broader digital library community when appropriate.
The Digital epository Interface (DI) schema should be ratified by the Working Group and adopted as the abstraction layer between the business and presentation layers.
DSpace has a mature and growing community of users and developers with whom the Working Group will need to collaborate to reach these goals.
The working group's success will be judged on how well it fulfills these goals in terms of the Mission Statement and deliverables as set out below.


The Working Group commenced on February 2006 and will expire in October 2006 (9 months), unless extended by the group.


1. Implement an XML-based interface for DSpace.
2. Certify the new interface through validation testing.
3. atify the 'Digital epository Interface' (DI) abstraction layer schema (both in XML Schema and elax NG form).
4. Produce system level documentation including a Developer's Guide, a Theme Writer's guide, DI eference Manual, Installation Guide, and any necessary updates to the standard DSpace manual.

Communication Mechanisms

  • Meetings
    The Working Group should gather for face-to-face a meeting at least once to officially ratify the DI schema and collaborate on design and testing strategies.
  • Email
    An archived mailing list should be established as the primary means of discussion within the group. Preferably this mailing list will be hosted by Sourceforge under the DSpace project.
  • Wiki web pages
    A wiki web page will be established on the DSpace wiki as the primary location for status reports of the working group.

    Working Group Members

  • Sidneyyrd (ice)
  • PauloJobim
  • AlexeyMaslov (A&M)
  • ScottPhillips (A&M)
  • ScottYeadon (ANU)