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We installed the Cantaloupe Image Server on one of our test boxes.

We configured the image server to use an HttpResolver to retrieve bitstream assets from DSpace.  This was configured through the delegates.rb file of the server.

 module HttpResolver

    # @param identifier [String] Image identifier: [Handle Prefix]_[Handle Suffix]_[Bitstream Sequence]
    # @return [String,nil] URL of the image corresponding to the given
    #                      identifier, or nil if not found.
    def self.get_url(identifier)
		identifier.gsub(/^([0-9]+)_([0-9]+)_([0-9]+).*/, "\\1/\\2/?sequence=\\3")

Using this resolver, we were able to retrieve DSpace bitstreams 

Viewer Access

Although the images were restricted to our network, we were able to use some cloud-based IIIF viewers (such as Stanford's Image Cropping Tool) to view the images.  These viewers must be using the browser to perform the asset retrieval.

We were unable to view these assets in Universal Viewer or Mirador until we (1) created a manifest file and (2) made the manifest file publicly accessible.

We created the manifest file using the following online manifest editor.

We posted the manifest file as a gist file and then referenced that gist file in Universal Viewer and Mirador.


(Answers from the meeting in italics)

  • I see how a IIIF manifest can provide context for an item with multiple bitstreams.  Can a manifest be used to express relationships between multiple items in a collection?
    • UV can present a "collection" containing multiple manifests.
    • Canvas metadata can be rendered in UV.  See example from Andrea
  • The manifest specification discusses a "collection" that can contain multiple manifests.  Do viewers exists to illustrate this capability?
    • UV can present a "collection" containing multiple manifests.
  • Which viewers are meant to be hosted locally (UV, Mirador) vs used in the cloud?
    • It is not necessary, but it is common practice to host the viewer.  
  • Are these viewers complex to host?
    • The viewers are js based and are easy to host
  • UV seems to provide a book viewer capability.  Are there other viewers to consider for this capability?
  • When objects are annotated in Mirador, how are annotations published/shared?
  • Any impressions of Cantaloupe for production use?
  • Cantaloupe can introspect into a specific page of a PDF, but page-specific URLs do not seem to be allowed in a manifest.

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