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Scripts for converting DublinCore to MARC

Export the items you want to convert the metadata for, using the DSpace export tool.
Download and unpack the dc2marc.tar\ .

The files in this package are as follows: - formats the dublin_core.xml files in a new files named dublin_core - converts DCq to MARC - the result is a dspace.mrc file, containing all records

Both Perl programs are run using the
USAGE: (DIRECTORY where the dspace items were exported) - removes dublin_core files created by, if for whatever reason you want to rerun the scripts.
USAGE: (DIRECTORY where the dspace items were exported)

The scripts may require the installation of some Perl modules.

Developed at University of Toronto. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License
Contact if you have any questions about the scripts.

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  1. The only Perl module I had to install was which is described here , and is available here . Being largely ignorant of Perl I followed the installion instructions blindly but without problem.