Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

Projects Involving DSpace

Please add your project or any other interesting work you're doing with DSpace to the list below! The intention is that anyone interested in working on a particular area of DSpace, or implementing a feature, can come to this page to find out if anyone else is already working on a similar area/feature.

  • Semantic Search for DSpace - Semantic Search allows intelligent search of DSpace content, using Semantic Web technologies and performs knowledge discovery on DSpace metadata using sound and complete reasoners such as FaCT++.
  • SKOS for DSpace - Integration of authority lists and thesauri following the SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) standard structure. Especially useful for multilingual repositories and controlled cataloguing / indexation.
  • SABER-ULA - Migration of the Institutional Repository of the "Universidad de Los Andes" (Mérida, Venezuela) from the propietary software "Alejandría" to DSpace. Most of the documentation regarding this migration project can be found here (in spanish language).
  • ETD-ms crosswalk for OAI harvesting from other repositories. uilt for harvesting by Library and Archives Canada (LAC), but could be used by any repository being harvested by ETD-ms location.
  • SIMILE - Extending metadata schema support in DSpace through DF/Semantic Web technologies. Contact general (at)
  • DSpace/ARK Integration Project - Adding support for alternative identifier schemes in DSpace. Project partners include NYU, UCLA, UCSD, and the California Digital Library (CDL).
  • DspaceSrbIntegration - Using SRB as a DSpace storage layer. SRB is San Diego Supercomputer Center's Storage Resource Broker for data grid storage - contact Chris Frymann (chrisfm (at), David Little (drlittle (at), or Richard Rodgers (rrodgers (at)
  • DigitalPreservationToolsAndStrategies - A joint project of the Cambridge University Library and MIT Libraries to improve the digital preservation functionality of DSpace.
  • DStat - DstatPackage - DSpace log file analyser work at Edinburgh University Library. Recently transcoded from Perl to Java, and approaching basic production standard.
  • oMEO Green Project at the University of Kansas - a project to encourage interest, participation and momentum among faculty and jumpstart populating the ScholarWorks repository. Contact hmercer (at) or aemmett (at) for more information.
  • Shibboleth implementation for KU ScholarWorks at the University of Kansas - contact Kathryn Huxtable khuxtable(at) and Larry Palmquist l-palmquist(at) for more information.
  • Web Service based user administration for large campus solutions of DSpace developed by Technical University of Denmark, Center for Knowlege Technology and Nordija A/S. The service will update the Eperson and EpersonGroup2Eperson tables of the DSpace database. See dspace-Patches-1167362. See CvtContribution for more information.
  • "Manakin" XML UI project @ Texas A&M University Computer Science (with others). - we are modifying the current web-based user interface for DSpace to remove the HTML stylistic code from the business logic of DSpace; instead, DSpace will produce XML that will be passed through a transformation stage just prior to transmission to the client. Contact: sphillip (at}
  • Statistics at the University of Rochester – Implemented for DSpace 1.1 and shows real-time total download counts at the Repository, Collection, Community and Bitstream Levels. Also shows real-time monthly download count at all of the above except the Bitstream Level. You can see them under the Statistics Section (bottom left corner) of each respective page starting with the repository level at DSpace at the University of Rochester. For more information contact nathans (at)
  • New User Notification Tool at The University of Rochester – This is a new tool developed by the University of Rochester to notify administrators that a new user has added themselves to their system by sending the administrator an email each morning of the newly registered users. This has been written for DSpace 1.1. This allows administrators to send additional information to users if needed and also make them aware of system usage. For more information contact nathans (at)
  • "WebServiceForDSpace" preliminary information (from CAET)
  • Serialize to allow DSpace to run across Tomcat 5.x clusters. University of Washington needs this before we can update our production Tomcat environment to 5.x. bjordan (at)
  • Using the urn:nbn scheme as a persistent identifier instead of the CNI-handle. Code is working for DSpace 1.2.2 and 1.3 alpha. More infos: plate (at)
  • ChinaDigitalMuseumProject - Extending and using DSpace to build large-scale distributed digital asset management for digital museums – contact robert.tansley (at)
  • Digital Object Catalog - A digital asset management system for digital surrogates of Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC) special collections material, using DSpace as the core repository – contact austin (at)
  • Looking into creating a configurable item listing page, and binding different metadata elements to the "Browse by" actions; this is in the first instance to support the University of Bergen closed theses archive. (contact richard.jones at
  • JISC funded 'Repository Bridge' project A project using OAI-PMH to harvest items from DSpace and ingest them into Fedora for long term preservation within a regional repository.
  • University of Leicester (England, UK) Institutional Repository. Currently making presentations to University committees, working on interface and soliciting departments to supply our first live data. Test instance of repository at . Live repository will have new URL. Contact: Keith Nockels, Institutional Repository Project Manager, University of Leicester Library. khn5 at
  • CLEO - Colorado Community Colleges Online Library of Educational Objects. We have several learning objects loaded. The idea is to move the objects we have in WebCT out of the Learning Management System, load them into CLEO and then link to them. We are currently in the process of updating from version 1.2 to the latest version, and trying to get our handle server to work correctly. Contact Mary Cash, Instructional Designer/Librarian, CCCOnline:
  • JhoveIntegration - Integrating Jhove into the DSpace ingest process for file format identification, validation, and metadata extraction.
  • Information Conversion tool for DSpace - An easy extendible document publishing/migration/conversion framework. Started of as an extension for DSpace. The framework uses other open source software for specific conversions (for instance OpenOffice)
  • Aurang is an online library which is developed for the special needs of universities in Afghanistan. It's part of a project at the Technical University of Berlin. It is based on DSpace.
  • DISpace is an internal project of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) aiming at setting up an institutional repository which will contain the complete academic bibliography of the University, and which will function as the official deposit of all scientific output of the Institution.
  • GRADE Edina, University of Edinburgh, UK. The GRADE project is using DSpace as a demonstrator platform to evalute the issues raised by a repository of geospatial data. The project is looking to extend the core DSpace functionality to support geospatial data, namely an automated file validation and metadata extraction system in the submission workflow, extended metadata, and map-based searching and data visualisation.
  • Symlink DSpace is the project of the Institute of Computer Science at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. The main purpose of this project is to modify the original DSpace to work with big files (e.g. video files) in a more efficient way.
  • New York University Digital Library Program: Building a digital preservation repository using DSpace as a core component. For more information on the design please see:
  • [ CUIR-Chulalongkorn University Intellectual Repository|] is an IR which aims to contain the complete academic and research outputs of Chulalongkorn University. This site supports Thai/English Language contents archieving and searching. The original DSPACE will be patched with a set of Add-on modules to provide executive summary reports and on-line submission flows are modified to fit the local community. The site is hosted by the Center of Academic Resources.
  • Natural Sciences Faculty, University of Puerto Rico [ ] This repository aims to collect gray literature from faculty and students researchs.
  • I-Revues, the French electronic publising service (INIST-CNRS) with a English to French translation of DSpace
  • Document Server@UHasselt - OceanDocs: Customization of DSpace 1.4.2 at Hasselt University and for IOC-UNESCO containing: alternative submission template based on type, batch module for metadata import (RIS - BIBTEX - AGRIS XML) on browser level, authority control on author names - journal titles - keywords, extra views for journal collections - bibliographies (author - collection), combination of repository and academic bibliography with separate OAI-module for full-text and academic bibliography. We propose to port the enhanced alternative submission module to DSpace 1.5 as a separate plug-in; every support is welcome.
  • CAS IR Grid: The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institutional Repositories Grid, which now contains 58 IRs of institutes of CAS. The platforms for the grid portal and member IRs are based on an in-depth customized and extended version of DSpace. 

Completed Projects

  • Configurable indices for searching - contact Austin Kim austin (at) (added DSpace 1.2.1)
  • - Mpeg21-DIDL distribution plug-in developed at LANL - Henry Jerez hjerez (at) (Added DSpace 1.4)
  • DRUM - Digital depository at the University of Maryland. - Completed: faculty may now authenticate against the campus LDAP directory, and are granted submission privileges based on their campus profile. Users may now submit an item to multiple collections. Enabled start and stop date for policies. ETD authors can now request an 'embargo' of 1 or 5 years and their metadata will display but not bitstream. Bitstream access restored automatically at end of embargo. contact: drum(at) LDAP support added DSpace 1.3.
  • - OAI Harvester Plug-In for DSpace from Old Dominion University Digital Library Research Group and Los Alamos National Labs. Currently being revamped and extended by ChinaDigitalMuseumProject
  • Checksum tool - Checks for corruption by iterating through bitstreams in the repository, calculating the checksum for each, and comparing it to the last calculated checksum for that bitstream. Can be run as a cron job or for specified bitstreams. Being developed by nathans (at), ojd20 (at) and gcarpent (at) For more info see ChecksumTool. Added DSpace 1.4.
  • DSpace XHTML/WAI User Interface Compliance Project. To ensure that the DSpace user interface meets XHTML 1.0 and WAI (web accessibility) compliance level AA (priority 2) standards. Added DSpace 1.3.2.
  • Some prototype Web services for item ingest and access. Not production-ready. Tar contains code and install instructions: ^dspace-ws.tar Contact rrodgers(at)
  • RAM RADIUS authentication module - Allows user authentication against a RADIUS server. Besides providing access control, this module comes with an AutoAdd option that automatically associate users to certain groups, based on the RADIUS Reply-Message. Can be quite useful to grant read/submission permissions. Provides a simple way to share privileged information between Institutions or any number of Dspace instances. Fully customizable via dspace.conf file. Developed by IRICUP- Reitoria da Universidade do Porto, Portugal. Contact: mfrodrigues (at)
  • In 2006 this site developed new project Essay Writing Blog. The project is aimed at helping students with their writing papers.