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Below is an archive of past DSpace training materials that have been developed by DSpace and our user community. Further materials may be found at DSpaceResources#Guides.

Basic DSpace Tutorial

Files: Part 1, Part 2

Author/Presenter: Andrea Bollini, Frederico Meschini
Location: DSUG 2007
1 Introduction to DSpace System
1.1 Scenarios & business cases
1.2 Functionalities
1.3 Data model
2 Metadata & Schema Management
3 Submission system configuration (submission.xml, input-forms.xml)
4 Understanding the workflow system
5 Search & browsing system configuration
6 Introduction to development
6.1 Quick install & run
6.2 Integration with Eclipse
6.3 Basic layout modification (JSPUI)
6.4 Patch and module installation
7 CRON & utility scripts (batch import, etc.)
Note that the first part of the tutorial is suitable for both stable DSpace 1.4.x and next DSpace 1.5 but the second part of the tutorial will be based only on DSpace 1.5 architecture
Level: basic
Audience: all

Advanced DSpace Tutorial - plugins, configurable submission, core API

Files: PDF
James Rutherford
Location: DSUG 2007
Level: advanced
Audience: developer

How to customize your DSpace 1.5 and make overlays

Files: PDF, PPT
Tim Donohue
Location: OR2008
Level: basic
Audience: developer

Learning to Use Manakin

File: PDF
Scott Phillips
Location: DSUG 2007
Summary: Do you want to get started using the DSpace Manakin user interface? Manakin is a new web-based user interface for DSpace using a themeable design. This means that individual DSpace collections can have customized interfaces that adapt their look-and-feel to the particular needs of the repository. In this presentation you will learn how to use the Manakin's interface framework to create a customized interface at your institution. We will start with an introduction to Manakin and it's architecture, then the first two tiers of Manakin Theme development will be discussed - using a walk-through approach. Finally, we'll get a brief introduction to XSLT, and discuss how XSLT templates can be used to modify the Manakin interface. These topics will give you the tools you need to start developing a Manakin theme for your institution.
Level: basic
Audieance: developer

DSpace 5.x: Installation, Customization and Feature Development

Files: PDF
 Vir Softech Pvt. Ltd.
Level: advanced
Audience: developer



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