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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

Meeting Information

Date and Time: March 6 2024, 11 AM-12 PM (EST)

Meeting link: See calendar invitation


  • Maureen Walsh (Chair)
  • Pascal Becker
  • Erica Johns
  • Kristi Park
  • Michele Minnelli


  • Scott Hanrath


ItemDescription and ActionsResources
  1. Current issues and areas of concern
  • Current issues and areas of concernMOU review May 2024
    • Electoral processes: lack of transparency and communication, time periods with no governance leadership in place
    • Onboarding processes
    • No bylaws, operating manuals (steering, leadership, developers, working groups) operating principles, code of conduct 
    • Communication between Steering and Leadership
    • Overlapping, duplicative, and disparate governance documentation (web site, wiki, etc.)

Codes of Conduct:

2. WG Charge
  • Draft WG Charge
    • What will this WG tackle and what will the outcome solve?
    • How will feedback and input be sought for WG’s work (i.e., if bylaws, feedback period for Steering and Leadership input)
    • Proposed timeline for work (we have a reprieve for the lack of leadership issue this year)

3. Action items
  • Action Items
    • Meeting schedule
    • Work plan
    • Deliverables
    • Timeline


WG  Scope: MOU, bylaws, operating manuals (e.g., steering, leadership, developers, working groups), code of conduct, documentation audit and clean-up

Timeline: Through Dec 2024

Priority order: MOU, bylaws, operating manuals, code of conduct, (documentation audit and clean-up continuous)

Meeting schedule: once a month. 

Feedback and input: Steering first, then Leadership. Open comment periods

Voting: Who will vote on what

  • Steering needs to vote on all
  • Steering could call for a vote by Leadership, but not required for anything but MOU. We will ask Steering to ask Leadership for a vote that includes Steering recommendations.


This is a Working Group, not a Task Force.


  1. Draft charge to Steering 3/12/24. Steering reviews and approves charge
  2. Share MOU review timetable with Leadership at May meeting. Hope to have before Leadership by the August Leadership meeting

Action Items

  • Maureen will send a Doodle poll for monthly meeting opposite Steering
  • Kristi will set up a space on wiki for WG
  • Maureen will transfer the agenda and minutes to wiki. Draft docs will stay on Google drive
  • Maureen will do a first draft of Charge and share with WG. 
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