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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

Meeting Information

Date and Time: March 27 2024, 11 AM-12 PM (EDT)

Meeting link: See calendar invitation


  • Maureen Walsh (Chair)
  • Pascal Becker
  • Scott Hanrath (green star) 
  • Erica Johns
  • Kristi Park
  • Michele Minnelli

(green star) Note taker. Rotates each meeting


ItemDescription and ActionsResources
  1. DGWG Charge
  • Charge approved by Steering 3/22/24

2. Bylaws
  • Bylaws drafting

Example bylaws:

DSpace governance documentation:

3. MOU
  • MOU review

4. Leadership
  • Leadership May 15 meeting
    • MOU
    • DGWG breakouts


DGWG Charge

Questions raised in Steering about the complexity of operational documents for the committers group are good to keep in mind. Need to get substantial input and feedback from that group to make that effective. But there are existing practices to build on and use to jump start  formal documents. Hope that Pascal can help as a WG member and long time committer.


Process -- one or two members draft for the WG, drawing on listed examples where useful? Or start with a blank page and collaboratively generate the needs that should be addressed for DSpace? We have a lot of existing documentation (much outdated) to start with, as well as the pain points listed in the charge under Actions.

Maureen will start a brainstorming document. The WG can seed with headings, ideas, needs, links to existing documents between meetings. Maureen will also a start a template that can ultimately filled in from the brainstorming document.

Things to consider:

  • Mission? Start with "open source" and other basics?
  • Pointing out where we have inconsistencies in our existing documentation would be helpful.
  • Discussions around the Lyrasis Board Meeting in Rio may be useful for areas to address and clarify.


Does this require a smaller group or whole WG review? Whole WG will review for next meeting. Maureen will post for group so that we can review and make suggestions ahead of next WG meeting in April. Ideally we should have recommendations for Leadership to review on May 15, and so to Steering before that, on May 8. We will at least discuss at Leadership, even if recommendations don't get done.

One specific area that needs attention is Lyrasis' new non-voting role needs attention.

Leadership May 15 Meeting

Breakout groups will be a chance to gather feedback and engage Leaders on what needs to be addressed. WG members will be distributed across breakouts (Erica will be absent). Prompts can help focus the group -- WG will consider prompts and discuss at next WG meeting, flagging relevant info in the brainstorming doc. Maureen will do an intro that reminds Leadership of feedback that led to the WG charge and acknowledge that concerns have been heard.



  1. Share MOU review timetable with Leadership at May meeting. Hope to have before Leadership by the August Leadership meeting

Action Items

  • Review MOU ahead of April meeting (All)
  • Contribute to Bylaws brainstorming document (All)
  • Flag potential Breakout group topics/prompts in brainstorming doc (All)
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