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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

This list of various DSpace Discussion Topics is generated and maintained by the DSpace Committers & active Developers. Adding an item to this list does NOT guarantee it will be completed. This list is just a list of items that need further discussion or action by DSpace committers. The ordering of items on this list also doesn't matter – discussion may happen in whatever order seems the most logical at the time

Adding a Topic to the List

Anyone can add a new topic to this list. But, please sign your name & add the date that the topic was added. You may be expected to lead discussion of that topic, or help us locate someone else who is willing to lead that discussion. If you'd like to volunteer to lead discussion of an existing topic, feel free to add your name to that topic.

In no particular order, topics requiring some discussion

  1. Do we want to migrate to Github from Subversion? (Peter Dietz, 2011 Nov 7)
  2. How do we want to go about making DSpace more "modular"? Several options have come up in recent months. (TODO – NEEDS links to more background information)
  3. How do we go about refactoring our various duplicated logic in varous UIs and put it somewhere common? (Peter Dietz, 2011 Nov 7)
  4. How can we manage/support a way for the DSpace community to share and review curation tasks in a way that's safe, secure and efficient? (Kim Shepherd, 2011 Nov 10)

Discussion Completed

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