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This was the procedure used to release the 7.0 beta1 release.  It may change prior to 7.0 final.

0. Select a Release Tag Name

Something like "dspace-7.0-beta1".  We will use this same tag for the Backend, Frontend and DockerHub.

1. Release Backend Via Maven

  • Generally, follow the existing Official Release Procedure at Release Procedure#MakinganOfficialRelease(e.g.'dspace-x.y'or'dspace-x.y-rc1').
  • On key difference is that DSpace 7 requires usage of a "-Drelease" flag in every release command. This property ensures the proper Maven modules are enabled (or disabled) based on what needs to be released.
    • Dry Run:   mvn release:prepare -DdryRun=true -Drelease
      • Release Version: "7.0-beta1"
      • Release Tag: "dspace-7.0-beta1"
    • Tag & Increment Version:  mvn release:prepare -Dresume=false -Drelease
    • Deploy to Sonatype:   mvn release:perform -Drelease
    • Login to Sonatype & release to Maven Central:
  • Create a Release in GitHub linking to the Release Notes

2. Release Frontend Via a Tag

3. Build Docker Images for Tagged Releases

Images can be built & pushed from commandline to DockerHub.  Again, use the same tag name as above.

Terry, Tim, Kim & Pascal currently have Push access.  Request it from one of them if you don't have it yet.

Build docker image
--checkout tag--
docker build -t dspace/dspace:<tag> .
docker push dspace/dspace:<tag>

--checkout tag--
docker build -t dspace/dspace-angular:<tag> .
docker push dspace/dspace-angular:<tag>
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