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The DSpace 7 Marketing Working Group has been reformed as the DSpace Marketing Interest Group. Please join the DSpace Marketing Interest Group (all are welcome)

Scope & Objectives

This group was previously called the DSpace 7 UI Outreach group, as it originally intended to reach out to the community DURING DSpace 7 development.

As we are getting closer to the release, the charge of the group has changed to DSpace 7 (final product) marketing and beyond. As such, it is renamed as the DSpace 7 Marketing Working Group.

Start & End dates

Start: December 2016

End: September 2020


  • DSpace 7 functional test plan, comparable to the DSpace 6 test plans
  • Identification of those use cases that will be implemented in DSpace 7
  • Communication/Outreach to the wider community at specific times

Meeting Notes Archives

2018 Outreach Group Meeting Notes

2017 Outreach Group Meeting Notes

2019 Marketing Working Group Meeting Notes

2020 Marketing Working Group Meeting Notes


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  1. Carol Minton Morris fantastic !!!!!!! Thanks for joining

  2. Ideas for the first meeting:

    • Discuss how the current collection of Use Cases can be split up into:
      • Things that are definitely targetted for DSpace 7 (e.g. already existing DSpace behaviour)
      • Things that are more long term and that are not yet marked for (definite) inclusion in DSpace 7
    • Discuss how to put together the test plan for DSpace 7
    1. Hi all,

      How have the tests been performed in previous versions?

      Daniel regards,


  3. Hi all,

    Cambridge would like to join the group.

    Kind regards,