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Scope & Objectives

The goal of this technical working group is to design and implement DSpace 7 Configurable Entities, per the statement from the DSpace Steering Group regarding the DSpace 7 data model and proposal #3 of the DSpace Entities Working Group summary document.  (A high level overview of "Configurable Entities" was also presented during the DSpace 7 Update at OR2018.)

This working group is expected to complete and/or scope the effort within the DSpace 7 release timeline, which will require close coordination with the DSpace 7 Working Group.


This working group will

  1. (Before end of September) Assess the early prototype of Configurable Entities and its alignment with guidelines/needs. 
  2. (Before end of October) Define an implementation roadmap for DSpace 7 Configurable Entities (based on the assessment of early prototype)
  3. (November to February) Implement Configurable Entities, per defined roadmap (by creating a Pull Request & documentation, to be reviewed by DSpace 7 Working Group and DSpace Committers)
  4. Draft a post-DSpace 7 roadmap for Configurable Entities (to be reviewed by Steering and Leadership)

Once the above deliverables have been completed, this working group will merge with the DSpace 7 Working Group.  At that point, the Configurable Entities feature (and any further enhancements/improvements) will be managed by the combined DSpace 7 Working Group, where it will be stewarded into DSpace 7.



Anyone is welcome to join this working group at any time. If you plan to join/contribute to this working group, we ask that you please join Slack, as (day-to-day) work between meetings occurs via Slack.

  • Join one of our weekly meetings. Meetings will be publicly announced and notes publicly posted (see below).
  • Get in touch with the team via Slack. Please join the #entities-wg channel in Slack. We'd be glad to talk about other ways to contribute

Meeting Schedule

  • The DSpace 7 Entities Working Group meets every week on Tuesday at 15:00-16:00 UTC (11:00am-12:00am EDT).  The next meeting is listed below.

Next Meeting

Team meets weekly, every Tuesday at 16:00-17:00 UTC (11:00am-12:00pm EST)  (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040)

  • Agenda & Connection Information can be found in the meeting notes below.

Meeting Notes / Recordings

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