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  • dspace/config/input-forms.xml


  1. Look for the <form-value-pairs> element in input-forms.xml.
  2. Look for the <value-pairs> element for the Dublin Core element whose values you wish to change.
  3. Add or change a <pair> element, where the <displayed-value> element contains what the submitter sees in the dropdown box, and the <stored-value> element contains what DSpace should archive as the information's label:
       <displayed-value>Gov't Doc #</displayed-value>
  4. Stop and restart Tomcat (See Quick Restart in Rebuild DSpace).


  • This set of instructions changes the existing choices when DSpace displays an option-box or dropdown menu, as for the Dublin Core "type" and "language" elements. It does not add a new submission widget/field to the user interface; to do this, see Alter submission input forms.