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  1. Login as a DSpace Administrator and visit the DSpace Administration user interface (http://web-address-to-my-dspace/dspace-admin)
  2. Click on the "Metadata Registry" in order to see all current metadata schemas within DSpace. By default, you should only see the Dublin Core (dc)schema
  3. At the bottom of the page, enter in a new metadata schema "namespace" and give it a "name". (There is no requirement that the namespace be resolvable. Also, you may wish the "name" to be only a few characters, since it serves dual purpose as a prefix for this schema). Click "Save"
  4. The new metadata schema is now added to the underlying database. You will then want to add new metadata fields by following the instructions in Add a new metadata field . It is also possible to move metadata fields from one schema to another, by following the instructions in Move a metadata field .


  • DSpace currently only supports "flat" (non-hierarchical) metadata schemas.