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DSpace, Fedora (Samvera/Islandora), VIVO, DuraCloud, and ArchivesDirect establishes partnerships with service providers (companies, non-profits, consortia, etc.) that wish to provide open source software services with the support of DuraSpace. Support can include marketing, communications, prospecting, and second-tier technical assistance as needed.

The goals of the new Program are four-fold:

  • Working more closely with open-source service providers to generate qualified leads and promote the adoption of open technologies to a broader group of prospect organizations

  • Celebrating the expertise and in-kind contributions of service providers as it propels the quality and functionality of our code-bases and open knowledge to empower users

  • Providing support and mentorship to service providers who want to start contributing to our communities

  • Generating revenue to fund DSpace, Fedora (Samvera/Islandora), VIVO, DuraCloud, and ArchivesDirect staff positions to manage code contributions/ merges, releases, bug fixes, and community leadership and outreach efforts in support of the open technologies and communities  

The new Service Provider Program has three tiers:

  1. Certified Partners
  2. Certified Contributors
  3. Listed Service Providers

Each tier has categories for DSpace, Fedora, (Samvera/Islandora), VIVO, DuraCloud, and ArchivesDirect.  

The fees for participating support program staff positions to manage code and outreach efforts (70%), the administration of this program (20%), and DuraSpace’s role in open community leadership (10%). These financial contribution estimates will be adjusted at the end of each term based on staff worklogs and program revenue.

Our current list of service providers is available, here: A summary of the DSP program is available in our Program OutlineIf you’d like to be involved, fill out this form: you have a question, please contact Michele Mennielli at

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