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Dear Friends,

 Thanks to those of you who attended the The DSpace North American Users Group meeting this month in Minnepapolis hosted by the University of Minnesota and the Texas Digital Library. With 100+ registered attendees this year's meeting highlighted DSpace advances. The program was rich and varied, and included a series of workshops on DSpace 7 offered by members of core development teams. Our global community remains focused on sharing knowledge and technologies that enable access and preservation of digital content. LYRASIS + DuraSpace are proud to be part of this vibrant and growing scholarly landscape.

If you have feedback or questions about the NA DSUG please send them to

We look forward to seeing many of you at the first LYRASIS Summit with DuraSpace Oct 3-4 in Chicago. The theme is “From Local to Global” and promises to be a fast-paced, two-day experience that pairs imagination with innovation, and discussion with action. Senior leaders from forward-thinking research, public and academic libraries, museums and archives will be in attendance.  We look forward to your participation in “Innovation with Imagination” on day 1 where we will to critique, add value, and help set direction for the LYRASIS $1M+ FY 2020 Research and Development budget. Keynote speaker Kaitlin Thaney, Director of Wikimedia’s Endowment, previously at Mozilla, Digital Science and Creative Commons will discuss the imperative to "innovate or perish," and how to create programs that leverage and create community. Shift into high gear for Day 2 “Discussion with Action” day. The keynote speaker will be Heather Joseph, Executive Director of SPARC and recognized open access advocate who will frame content and publishing, and how to do more with less in the rapidly changing scholarly landscape. Breakouts will include ScholComm 2.0, how to change the patron/user experience as it relates to content, scalable technology and platforms, and leveraging non-profit platforms.

Register here

As we learn about what our members want and need from LYRASIS I want to share a vision for what the inherent value of membership in LYRASIS is for large and small institutions. All our members are valued experts who know how to get things done within the boundaries of their individual unique institutions and beyond. Talents and capabilities can sometimes be a spreading lake covering vast areas outside of our expertise as needs arise. As a LYRASIS member you have access to deep wells of expertise that include technology, training, consulting, scholarly publishing expertise, grants and more. As a LYRASIS member you have access to these deep wells of expertise that amplify our  collective strength in deploying affordable and transformative solutions across the scholarly landscape of research, public and academic libraries, galleries, archives and museums.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or feedback. 

Warm regards,

Robert Miller


Where We'll Be 

LYRASIS Summit, Chicago, Illinois Oct 2-4, 2019, Robert Miller, Laurie Arp, 


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