The Akubra Project is a new effort to provide a pluggable file storage interface that can be adapted to almost any storage subsystem. Akubra supports both ordinary and transactional storage systems, but makes simplifying assumptions in order to achieve a high level of interoperability between storage systems:

In Akubra:

  • a Blob is a finite-length bitstream with an id (a URI)
  • a Blob Store is primarily concerned with providing read/write access to blobs.

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  • March 3rd, 2012 - Akubra 0.4.0 released. This release updates all runtime and test dependencies to their most recent versions. Implementations designed for 0.3.x should continue to work with 0.4.0 using the prior versions of these libraries as well. The following tracker items were addressed by this release:
    • AKUBRA-5 - Fix Javadoc linkage in built artifacts
    • AKUBRA-8 - Update libs for 0.4.0
  • March 1st, 2012 - Akubra 0.3.1 released. This release fixes the following bugs with the akubra-fs implementation:
    • AKUBRA-1 Failure to move files across symlinks, filesystems on some platforms.
    • AKUBRA-3 FSBlob makeParentDirs thread safety issue.
    • AKUBRA-7 FSBlobIdIterator escapes file paths
  • March 13th, 2010 - Akubra 0.3 released. This release has no core API changes, but several important improvements:
    • The core Akubra jars are now available in Maven Central
    • All jars are now compiled for Java 6 (Java 5 has reached its End of Service Life)
    • All jars now include OSGi metadata
    • Logging is now done via SLF4J (was commons-logging)
    • The JTA dependency is now to version 1.1 (was previously 1.0.1B)
  • November 27th, 2009 - Akubra 0.2 released. This release:
    • Uses the latest version of Derby for the akubra-txn implementation
    • Repackages the Akubra classes under org.akubraproject
  • April 30th, 2009 - Akubra 0.1 released.

Latest Downloads & Javadocs

Known Third-Party Implementations

  • akubra-caringo - Concrete implementation for the Dell DX Object Storage Platform
  • akubra-bhle - Multiplexing implementation with short-term and long-term underlying stores
  • atmosakubra-plugin - Concrete implementation for Atmos Cloud Storage System
  • akubra-hdfs - Concrete implementation for Hadoop filesystems
  • irods-akubra - (TBD) IRODS implementation


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Source Code

The source source repository is hosted at github:

  • Browse:
  • Anonymous Clone: git clone git://
  • Committer Clone: git clone

Note: You will need JDK 1.6+ and maven to build.

Coding conventions for this project are currently documented here (TODO:migrate here).

Issue Tracking

Bugs and features for this project are tracked here.

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